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Get more positive coverage for your clients or brand

World-class experts share their secrets on how to craft newsworthy stories, create winning pitches, become a trusted resource, and master the tools of the trade!

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August 26-28, 2021

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Keynote Speakers

Michael Smart

PR Coach, CEO, and speaker

Katie Paine Headshot

Isabel Lara

Chief Communications Officer, NPR

Katie Paine Headshot

Katie Paine

CEO, Paine Publishing

Boost awareness. Gain credibility. Become an authority. Find new customers.

The benefits of earned media are undeniable! Join us August 26-28 for this entirely free online public relations summit and learn from over 30 industry experts on how to gain more of that game-changing coverage.


The newsworthy story

PR pros turn coal into diamonds. We take what other people might see as trivial and find the angle that convinces audiences to care. In this track, our experts delve into the craft of storytelling and what makes a story newsworthy.

The winning pitch

You have a newsworthy story that your audience needs to hearif only a journalist would read your email or take your call. So how do you get them interested? This track covers the art of pitching, from broadcast to print.

The trusted resource

There’s no PR without relationships those with clients or bosses, and those with the journalists who may cover your story. In this track, our experts help you become a resource, partner, and trusted advisor for clients, bosses, and the media.

The tools of the trade

What takes you from the first seed of a story idea to a high-profile headline or TV spot? How do you measure your results? This track highlights the tools, data and frameworks you need to make an impact and align PR with business objectives.

30+ Expert Speakers

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Women in PR
Presented by Agility PR Solutions and Bulldog Reporter, the Earned Media Mastery virtual summit brings together the best in the business. Over 20 panel discussions, presentations, and interviews on topics ranging from crafting irresistible stories, to the art of pitching, to proving the value of media relations.

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© Agility PR Solutions LLC    ·    All Rights Reserved.

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