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Michael Smart

Superior Media Pitching Strategies for the New Normal

Isabel Lara

Meta Media Relations: Telling the Media’s Story

Katie Paine

Reimagining PR Measurement in 2021: How to Measure what Matters

The Newsworthy Story

Gillian Small

15 Minutes to Better Broadcast Pitching: Amplify Your News Across the Nation

Beth Casteel, Curtis Sparrer, Eric Hazard

Stars of PR: How These Pros Cut Through the Noise

Karen Swim

Earned Influence: The Key is to Serve

Rebecca Peel

Reactive PR: How to Think Fast to Find Your Press Hook

Stefan Pollack

Understanding the Narrative: Using the 3 Stages of a Story

Stephanie Proos

A Tale of David and Goliath: Dissecting an Award-Winning Campaign

The Winning Pitch

Celena Fine

Pitching Broadcast: A How-To Guide

Celena Fine

Pitching Broadcast: Navigating the Newsroom

Nikki Woods

PR Headlines That Get a YES and a LIKE

Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman, Joseph Thornley

Your Future Self: What the Future of PR Looks Like 

Ami Neiberger-Miller

When Your Media Pitch Falls Flat: How to Resuscitate It for Success

Katy Pollard

How to Get Journalists to Stop Ignoring You

Beth Casteel

Making the Most of The News Cycle & Second Day Angles

Kimberly Capwell

How the Right Key Messages Can Level Up Your Media Mastery

Rebecca Rogers

Broadcast TV – How to Get Inside the Mind of a Producer

The Trusted Resource

Devin Knighton

 The 20-Minute Twitter Rule to Media Relations Success

Chris Elliott, Megan DeLaire, Tom Hallman Jr.

Getting Inside the Minds of Journalists: Journalists Tell-All

Kayla Isabelle

PR Empowered Entrepreneurs | Case Studies from the Community

Melissa Orozco

How Stories can Serve as a Catalyst for Positive, Systemic Change

Jo Trizila

Earned Media ROI: What’s Your Objective and How Will You Measure It?

Lama Nicolas

What Journalists Want and Expect from PR Professionals

Adam Dvorin

Mastering Outreach: Making New Media Relationships in 2021

Sandy Lish

How to Build and Solidify Relationships with the Media

The Tools of the Trade

Eric Schwartzman

The Role of Earned Media in Digital Marketing

Frank Strong, Ned Lundquist

The New Normal: Why PR is More Valuable than Ever (Survey Analysis)

Chris Dickerson

It’s a Hit. Now What? Amplify Media Coverage to Boost Conversions

Martin Lyster

The State of PR Technology in 2021

Kyle Villeneuve

Media Outreach: The 3-Pronged Approach to Amplify Your Story

Presented by Agility PR Solutions and Bulldog Reporter, the Earned Media Mastery virtual summit brings together the best in the business. Over 20 panel discussions, presentations, and interviews on topics ranging from crafting irresistible stories, to the art of pitching, to proving the value of media relations.

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