PR Profiles

PR Profiles: Short Conversations with Experts in the PR and communications industry
We think PR is the most formidable, dynamic, and rewarding field there is and we want to introduce our audience to some of our favorite powerhouses in the industry.

Get to know some of the top minds in the PR and communications industry in this series of short interviews.

New episodes of PR Profiles will be released on the first Thursday of every month.

Show Notes

PR Profiles: A Conversation with Annie Scranton 

 “It’s been ingrained in me to watch the news early in the morning,” says Annie Scranton, founder and president of Pace Public Relations and host of the PR Pace podcast. “Without reading and consuming the news voraciously I wouldn’t be able to do my job.” Before she started her industry-agnostic...

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PR Profiles: A Conversation with Melissa Agnes 

“My story is a story,” says Melissa Agnes with a laugh, recalling how she, an entrepreneur since she was 21, got into crisis communications. Thirteen years ago, Melissa had no idea she would one day be an expert in crisis comms—or that it was even a field she could specialize in. At the time,...

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PR Profiles: A Conversation with David Landis 

Before he was the president of a successful PR agency celebrating 30 years in San Francisco, David Landis was a classical pianist. It seems only right then that some of Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)’s first clients were in the entertainment industry. While the agency now specializes in tech,...

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PR Profiles: A Conversation with Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich’s been part of a lot of PR projects, but she may be best known for the PESO model and Spin Sucks, a blog, podcast and book. Spin Sucks was launched as an experimental agency blog for Arment Dietrich back in 2006, but quickly progressed from agency blog to industry resource. “We...

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